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Control of project Technical Documentation is most of all correct and safe circulation of documents within the company, as well as between contractors, vendors and third parties.

Project Documentation Control

Regardless of kind of the project, if it is small, medium or large and comprehensive, the Control of Documentation and its archiving are equally important for any type of project. 

About Us

Marianna Paul-Cichosz

Marianna Paul-Cichosz

Document Controller | Project Document Controller | DC Consultant

I have been working as a Document Controller since 2012. 

Gaining experience in a multidisciplinary environment (cooperating with a corporation, design office, and participating in 3 'on site' projects in the maritime and offshore industry)

I work with industries related to:

– Renewable energy (wind farms) 

– Oil and Gas (onshore repairs, shipyards) 

– designing,

– engineering, construction or production



Provision of support to project management by maintaing documentation throughout the entire life cycle and through all phases of the project.

Beginning with Kick Off, Executive and Final.

Document Control (DC) services: Registration, distribution and verification of documentation. Compliance and quality check with the requirements and procedures.

The scope of services also includes:

– Daily document management for a project or department

– Creating a system (procedures, tools, etc.) for the project

– Configuration / modification of the document control system (procedures, processes, templates, etc.)

 – Set up and manage a document control system for a project or department / industry.


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